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Self-Service Draft Dispensing
Draft-TablesWe are living in a self-service world. We pump our own gasoline, pour ourselves soda at the fast-food restaurant and scan our groceries at the supermarket. The next time you're at your favorite bar, why not pour your own draft beer?

Already very popular in Europe & South America, the concept of customers dispensing beer at their own table is growing in popularity and already in over 170 locations in the USA. Who doesn't want to play bartender for a night? Draft Tables make the dining and drinking experience more engaging and fun for everyone.

Each table has a chilled tower with beer faucets to dispense beer and is outfitted with a digital readout, allowing patrons and staff to measure consumption. The taps are turned on and off wirelessly by a computer behind the bar that also runs the tab, which is settled by your staff. You can choose from a fixed system where the table dispenses between 2 - 4 beers or the mobile system that pours 2 different beers. Draft Tables seat six to eight people comfortably but can service a 10 - 20 person group without a problem.

Bar owners will get paid for every drop of beer because the customer pours exactly how much beer he or she wants, and there's no waste or theft.

Take a minute to watch the short video clip below. If you might be interested in providing this exciting concept in your operation, click the TELL ME MORE link to request someone contact you with more information.