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BAR PATROL INVENTORY SOFTWARE - Email for more Information
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BAR PATROL INVENTORY SOFTWARE - Email for more InformationBeverage & Food Inventory Made Easy & Cheap

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Step 1: Download the app onto your phone, tablet or laptop.
Step 2: Register the app and watch a few short video tutorials (made available after purchase of Bar Patrol subscription.)
Step 3: Customize the app with information pertaining to your operation.
Step 4: Start taking inventories of liquor, beer, wine, food & anything that can be counted.

Weighing open bottles is the most accurate method of determining liquor inventories. With our sleek and speedy Bluetooth Scale, you will fly through inventories while eliminating human error. The scale is available for only $119 with your purchase of a subscription to Bar Patrol.

Say good-bye to slow & monotonous spreadsheets! Manage all of your inventories and run reports from your super-cool online account.

Automatically create and email product orders to vendors and generate internal invoices with a single click.

Export sales data from your POS and upload it instantly into the Bar Patrol software. Quickly know the variance between the 'Actual Sales' rung into your POS and the 'Potential Sales' determined by product depletion that occurred during the inventory period.

Track usage, sales and pouring accuracy of your bartenders, right down to the 1/100th of an ounce.

1. Usage Report
2. Invoice Report
3. Stock-on-Hand Report
4. Purchase Order Report
5. Variance & Pour Cost Report
6. Summary Report
7. Line-by-Line Detailed Inventory Report

After you read the FAQ section below, you should be ready to give Bar Patrol a test run.
CLICK HERE to be taken to the Bar Patrol special offer page
Will it integrate with my POS?
Yes. Bar Patrol integrates with almost all POS systems. Simply export your sales data from your POS to Excel and it uploads instantly into Bar Patrol. Note: You do not need POS integration to perform inventories, do ordering/invoicing or run your summary report. However, to run a variance report to verify how accurately your bartenders are pouring, you will need to upload sales data to Bar Patrol. This enables you to see exactly what your bartenders rang into the POS so managers can compare actual sales to potential sales based on how much was actually poured.

What are the device requirements?
Bar Patrol App works on any iOS device (iPad or iPhone) that is able to update to 10.1 or higher for the software updates. If you have an older iPad that is running on anything below 10.1, Bar Patrol will not work on these older models.

How does it work exactly?
Great question. Watch the 14 minute demo video to see exactly how the Bar Patrol App works and how it will help your management team and your business.

Is it really only $49 per month?
Yep, the annual plan is only $49 per month or you can choose to pay month-by-month for only $69 per month. By saving $20 per month, the annual plan gets you about 3-1/2 months free compared to the monthly plan. Thatís only $1.63 per day to have a cutting-edge inventory system in-house. And donít forget, you get 2 free months the first year if you opt for the annual plan. Thatís 14 months for the price of 12! But even if you choose the monthly payment plan, weíre going to discount it from $69 to $59 per month as our way of saying thank you for giving Bar Patrol a try.

How much faster will it really help me take inventory?
First off, donít trust anyone who says your inventory will go from 6 hours to 15 minutes. Itís an unethical promise. Having said that, your inventory time should easily be cut in half.

I see you use a scale to weigh bottles. How does that work?
Pretty damn good! There is nothing more accurate than weighing partial bottles with only about a 2 Ė 3% margin of error. Itís more accurate than point counting and that little slider you may have seen on other apps. We have a super-sexy bluetooth scale that makes weighing bottles extremely fast and accurate. Simply put the bottle on the scale and hit Enter. You can add this scale for only $119 when placing your order. Note: This is not the Bar Scale seen in the Inventory Control section of the website. That scale does not have blue tooth capability.

Can I still point count if I want to?
Absolutely. If you want to count old school because thatís the way youíve always done it, go for it. Itís very easy to point count with the app.

What about keg inventories?
We carry an awesome Keg Scale for only $229 if you want extremely accurate draft inventories. Click Here to learn more about the keg scale. Simply place the keg on the scale, enter the pounds into the app and it knows exactly how much is in there based on the full and empty weight of the keg (which you can find in our video library downloads.)

What does the initial set-up involve?
Once you sign up, you will receive a link to our video library which guides you step-by-step on how to set up your account,. If youíre having trouble, you can always send us your products (in Excel format) and we will be happy to set them up for you for a $99 fee.

Will it aggregate (add up) all my data?
Absolutely! All you need to do is run a stock-on-hand report. It will total how much you have of every single brand you carry and break it down by category.

Will it help me with my ordering?
Without a doubt. This is one of the coolest features of the software. Not only will Bar Patrol tell you how much to order, broken down by vendor, but with just a push of the button, your orders will be automatically emailed to all of your vendors. No need to call, text or talk to them in person (unless you want to, of course.)

Does it work with Android?
Not yet. For now, the Bar Patrol App is only designed for iOS (Apple) devices. Most of our current clients who do not have an iOS device simply purchase a mini-iPad and charge it to the business.

Can it count food?
You betcha. Many of our clients use the Bar Patrol app to get a handle on their food inventory, as well as miscellaneous bar products, cleaning supplies, office supplies, retail merchandise, etc. and at no extra cost.

Can it count on multiple devices?
Yes it can. Use multiple devices so managers can divide up the inventorying and make counting even faster.

Do you have a scanner?
No. We do not like scanners, nor do we think they are necessary. Theyíre bulky, they break and you spend half your time moving the scanner around trying to get it to read the code. We match everything Ďapp to shelfí so all your products pop up in the exact same order every time. Simple.

What reports can I run?
1. Usage Report 2. Invoice Report 3. Stock-on-Hand Report 4. Purchase Order Report 5. Variance & Pour Cost Report 6. Summary Report 7. Line-by-Line Detailed Inventory Report

Will it work in other countries besides the U.S.?
For sure. As long as you have an iOS device and things to count, it will work anywhere in the world. In fact, we are now in 17 countries around the world.

After you read the FAQ section above, you should be ready to give Bar Patrol a test run.
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