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Shot Glance Bar Inventory System
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Shot Glance Bar Inventory SystemBar Inventory Gauges & Software

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These special sight gauges, marked off in ounce graduations, are placed alongside liquor and wine bottles so managers can perform consistently accurate inventories. Graduations are also marked on each gauge in milliliters, typically for use outside the USA. The Shot Glance gauges are made of durable plastic which is perfect for a wet bar environment.

After a little practice, 60+ bottles can be inventoried in less than 10 minutes. Consistent monitoring will identify and help to eliminate bartenders that are over-pouring, giving away free drinks and skimming cash. This one-time cost will make your inventories more accurate without having to weigh the partial bottles.

Orders come with 25 Shot Glance gauges to measure EVERY liquor brand of 750 ml, 1 liter and 1.75 liter bottles, even the odd shaped bottles. At only $124.95, we are the lowest Shot Glance price on the internet. To Our Canadian Friends: There are no gauges for the 40 oz. bottles.

For only an additional $50, we'll email you a software program that contains a series of 5 easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets for inventorying Liquor, Wine, Bottled Beer, Draft Beer and Miscellaneous Items. Managers simply enter inventory data into the spreadsheets and the software automatically calculates inventory values, potential revenues and beverage cost percentages. These calculations help managers verify that depleted inventories have been rung up properly as sales.

Click on this link to download a PDF version of the Shot Glance Instructions.

Click on this link to download a PDF version of the Shot Glance Gauge Chart.
Sample Shot Glance Recap

Sample Shot Glance Worksheet

Sample Shot Glance Calculations

Sample Shot Glance Values

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The Speed Inventory Gauge is the perfect tool to help managers quickly inventory straight-sided liter bottles. Simply hold the gauge up against the bottle and follow the liquor level across to the gauge to determine how many ounces are left in the bottle.
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