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7 Reasons Why Employees Quit

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Reason Employees QuitThe hospitality business is a tough one; however the turnover rate is much higher than it needs to be. The saying goes that people don't quit jobs, they quit their bosses. While that might be true, it's a little simplistic. So here we dive into seven different reasons why employees quit and how you as an owner can combat these difficulties and retain good employees.  

1.    Lack of rapport with manager – Managers should have regular contact with each employee, but the most critical time is after a worker is hired. The first days on a job can be scary, and the manager should devote time to each new hire.

2.    Crossing personal boundaries – Manger that treat their staff with high regard and respect personal space, especially females, provide a comfortable working environment.

3.    Poor hiring techniques – If a manager is skilled at selecting the right people for his team, they'll likely fit in with the rest of the staff and feel happier on the job.

4.    Lack of procedures – Being equipped with rational procedures assigned to specific job functions makes staff members accountable. This way there is no confusion on prep work, sidework or closing duties.

5.    Lack of feedback from manager – If an employee's not given any feedback—good or bad—there's no motivation to continue to do their work well or at all. 

6.    Poor scheduling – Balanced scheduling amongst employees and adequate breaks are needed to keep a venue running smoothly and provide staff member with the support and coverage they need to succeed.

7.    Ignoring potential for promotions – If outstanding employees are noticed and the idea of being promoted is planted in their minds; they have more incentive to stick around.

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By: Kristen Santoro