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Beer Inventory Control Products and Draft Beer Control Systems
Our beer inventory control products and draft beer control systems are designed to help bar operators maximize their sales yield per keg or help increase safety and efficiency in a beer dispensing environment. 

With draft beer control systems, managers can eliminate foamy beer created at keg changes, stop free beers from being given away by employees, put an end to unauthorized employee drinking and prevent unregistered sales. 

Wild beer and wild bartenders are probably costing your operation in the neighborhood of $65 per keg. (The national average retail & wholesale loss per keg.) How many kegs does your operation empty every week? How many every year? How much are you losing every year at $65 per keg? Is this the neighborhood you want to be living in?

If you want to start getting paid for every drop of beer poured, it's time to implement the BEER NECESSITIES. Browse through our collection of keg scales, draft beer counters, flow meters, and other beer inventory control products today!