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No More Whining About Lost Wine Profits
Instead of having your bartenders pour directly into a customer's glass, they pour into the carafe to your designated portion level. Both the carafe and glass are presented to the customer. The waiter pours a small amount into the glass for them to taste and allows the customer to pour the rest at their leisure. Benefits: Customers can share. They can pour at their own pace. It gives a classier presentation thus adding value to the price of the drink. Customer's really believe they are getting "extra" wine since they have more to pour when their glass gets low. And most importantly, the carafe provides an effective portion control solution. No more worrying about excessive pours and lost revenue.
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These portion spouts provide consistent pour sizes and reduce costs by curtailing over-pouring and spillage. This popular measured pourer is used by bars, distilleries, wineries and concession operations throughout the world.
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Unbelievably easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets for inventorying liquor, wine, bottled beer, draft beer and miscellaneous items.

Managers simply enter inventory data to the nearest 10th of a bottle into the spreadsheets and the software automatically calculates inventory values, potential revenues, estimated losses and beverage cost percentages.
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This 10" glass beer & wine hydrometer is a necessary tool for people making their own batch of wine, beer or cider. Also called a 'Triple Scale Hydrometer' this device shows Specific Gravity from .990 to 1.160, Balling or Brix from 0 to +37% sugar by weight and Potential Alcohol by Volume from 0 to +21%.
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This 5" Vinometer measures the alcohol content from 0 to 20% in DRY (not sweet) wines. To be used after the fermentation process has completed.
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