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Here's what some of our customers have to say...
I just wanted to send my thanks for the inventory system I ordered. The package was shipped out very quickly and was everything I expected. Your processing/shipping time far exceeded anyone else we have ever used. I will be a returning customer. Please pass my thanks to your team for a job well done.
Randall Cook - Rollie's Bar and Grill - Maine
“In order to run a successful beverage operation, management has to know how much product was used every shift, so they can verify everything was registered.” Jerry Adkins, Hollywood Concessions - Hollywood, FL
"Draft Beer Counters have proven to be accurate and dependable in measuring the amount of fluid beer ounces flowing from our beer taps.” Karen Irwin, Universal Studios - Florida
“I was able to lower my bowling center’s draft beer cost percentage from a 44% to a 24% with beer meters provided by Alcohol Controls” Carl Merritt, Peach Bowl - Columbus, GA
“We’ve lowered liquor costs from a 22% to a 13.5% by using Alcohol Controls. Paul Schenck, Surf Club - Bemus Point, NY
Draft Foam Controls really work! They stop our beer from foaming at keg changes and increased keg yield by 2 - 3 pitchers.” Brian Bartos, First Run Sports Bar - Oxford, OH
The recommendations provided by Alcohol Control’s consulting service have helped us reduce internal theft, increase sales, improve service and strengthen employee morale.” Linda Martinez, Tejano Grill - San Antonio, TX
"My investment in controls has provided me the financial rewards and piece of mind to take at least 3 long vacations each year." Howard Shirley, Vibes Jamaican Restaurant - Decatur, GA
“The liquor & beer information systems we’ve implemented in our military clubs, have taken profit manipulation away from our employees and given profit control to our managers.” Dave Mitchell, Naval Support - Memphis, TN
"Our investment in liquor & beer controls paid for itself in increased profits within 6 months. I own 5 bars and wouldn't think of operating without proper controls." Allen Hoxie, Club Operations Ltd. - San Antonio, TX
"Purchasing a Liquor Control System was the smartest investment I've made in my 30 years in the bar business. I didn't realize how much my operations lost until I tightened controls and started getting paid for every drop of liquor my bartenders poured." Beverly McMahon, Otherside - Atlanta, GA
“With precise liquor portioning, my customer’s receive consistency no matter who is preparing their drink.” Bobby Harris, Galaxy Billiards - San Antonio, TX
“We calculated a 250% return on our investment in the first year alone! Controls are just smart business.” Alfredo Dominguez, Metropolis - Houston, TX
"Anybody that operates a bar without the proper controls, is probably losing at least 50% of their potential profits." Dick Walker, Dick's Sports Bar - Little Rock, AR
“A few publications from Alcohol Control's Beverage Management Bookstore have become required reading for our managers and bartenders.” Kim Rudisill, AMF Bowling Centers, Inc. - Richmond, VA
Liquor Stickers, Posi-Pours and Tap Locks have significantly helped our managers with inventory control.” Alan Aoki, Holiday Inn Hotels - Portland, OR
“Thanks to Alcohol Controls, I go to sleep knowing I’m going to collect at least 97% of all draft beer dispensed in my bar every night.” Brian Petoletti, Gordon Biersch Restaurant & Brew Pub - San Jose, CA
“We’ve eliminated a severe problem of unauthorized free drinks and pilferage in my bar thanks to Alcohol Controls.” Charles Madison, Fountain Blue Lounge - Buffalo, NY
Liquor controls have put an end to bartenders over-portioning liquor shots and cut our liquor purchases in half without any loss of sales.” Richard Pennella, Klassy Cat Adult Nightclub - Rochester, NY
“The ‘Lost Profit Analysis’ performed by Alcohol Controls, opened my eyes to the revenue we should have made for the amount of liquor and beer my restaurant was using. I had no idea we had been shorted over 35% in potential profits every year.” Latima Washington, Poppy’s - Las Vegas, NV
"Until we began metering liquor & beer, our employees determined profitability. Now management controls the bottom-line." Mike Waldman, Drysdale's - Kailua-Kona, HI
“Had I invested in these beverage control systems when I started the business 10 years ago, I would have earned, at least, another $400,000 in bottom-line profits.” Jack Armstrong, Bogarts Cocktails - San Antonio, TX