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No Fly Zone | Flying Insect Control Products
Tired of seeing fruit flies in your alcohol bottles? At Alcohol Controls, we offer a variety of flying insect control products to those who frequently encounter bugs in their establishment. From bug-blocking liquor bottle top covers to faucet hygiene plugs, our bar pest control products are essential to maintaining a bug-free environment.

Our bar pest control products include very effective bug traps that you can plug into any outlet and fly strips to help kill those pesky fruit flies. We also have faucet hygiene plugs to prevent contamination of your taps, as well as pour spout covers to keep unwanted insects out of the liquor bottles.

Check out our selection of insect control products and contact us if you have any questions!

FlyWeb is one of the most effective flying insect control products available to both residential and commercial consumers. It's size and plug-in feature allows this device to be used in any indoor electric outlet. FlyWeb uses an insect attracting ultraviolet lamp to lure insects towards the replaceable adhesive trapping board. One FlyWeb will cover about 600 square feet.
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This is an amazing fruit fly killer, designed for bars & restaurants. Once removed from its specially fabricated foil package and exposed to air, the BarPro strip starts to release its patented fruit fly killing ingredient. The odorless vapor is heavier than air and penetrates those hard to reach reproducing areas - killing insects immediately and preventing them from coming back for up to 4 months.
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This is an inexpensive way to control the ever-growing problem of fruit flies in and around draft beer taps. Simply insert the polyurethane Bug Blocker over the draft beer faucet when the tap is not in use to control yeast and bacteria build-up as well as fruit fly reproduction.
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Keep unwanted pests from contaminating your beer faucets. No more stuffing your taps with rolled napkins, strips of cellophane or shaved corks. The polyurethane Bug Plug will keep fruit flies out of the draft beer faucets when they are not in use.
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Reusable hard plastic Posi-Pour covers that reduce clogging, keep out smoke, dust and insects. Cover-Alls can also be used by bartenders as a 1 ounce shot glass for mixing drinks. These shot cups are also great for serving shooters and liquor shots!
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The Solution to a sticky problem. This soft polyurethane cap prevents the clogging of pour spouts on syrupy cordials and cream-based liqueurs. Without Pour Spout Covers, the flow from cordial bottles are often encumbered by sugars crystallizing quickly on the inside or top of liquor pour spouts.
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This plastic free-flow pourer has a clear top with a built-in sanitary screen to prevent fruit flies and other contaminants from getting into your bottles. The black collar reduces dripping and makes it easy to push the spout into and pull the spout out of a 750ml or liter liquor bottle with standard neck size. The high-flow design dispenses 1 ounce in the time it takes the bartender to count "one-one-thousand-one." By holding the bottle at a 45 degree angle, you'll have a smooth, quick pour every time.
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If you already have tapered metal pourers and are having issues with pesky fruit flies, smoke, dust or debris getting into your expensive liquor bottles, than adding a spout cap will solve your problem. Simply press the cap over the opening of the spout. It's that easy! This small investment will save you money from throwing out pricey alcohol or prevent embarrassment of customers finding bugs swimming in their drink.
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