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Stop Bleeding Profits
Stop Bleeding Profits

Your Bar is Bleeding Profits and You Donít Know What To Do

Many bar owners install security cameras thinking their staff will follow policies & procedures because their actions are being recorded. The reality is that employees realize pretty quickly that nobody is watching 14 hours of camera videos every day and the initial psychological deterrence rapidly fades. Security cameras are good for analyzing problems that have already occurred but they rarely prevent problematic situations from happening.

There are bar managers that try to verbally intimidate their workers into doing what they are supposed to do. This usually causes resentment and a greater incentive for employees to bend the rules from their lack of respect for management.

Some bars hire an outside inventory company to take weekly inventories, determine product usage & potential sales, then they compare these figures to your actual sales. Basically, you pay them to tell you how much you are losing every week but they donít really help solve the problems behind the losses.

Alcohol Controls is a problem solving company. We provide affordable portion and theft control products designed to minimize waste and enable managers to hold bartenders accountable for selling all the beverages they pour during their shift. Effective portion controls and accurate monitoring of alcohol usage are the keys to eliminating costly overpouring, covert cash skimming and free drinks being given away to solicit bigger tips. In a nutshell, we provide bar operators the tools they need to maximize beverage profits in their bar.

Take a few minutes to browse our Product Showcase. If you arenít sure which products are best suited for your situation, give us a call. Weíll ask you a few questions and guide you towards solutions that will work for your operation.

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