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Draft Beer Flow Meters

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Flowmeters are small sensors that are inserted into each beer line inside the keg cooler to precisely monitor the amount of draft beer being dispensed; not unlike the water meter on your house.

A "data collector" provides draft usage readings for each beer line on an LCD display. The Draft Manager Software calculates the variance between the amount of draft poured and the amount of draft sold. Once managers know the "beer facts" for every shift, they can hold their employees accountable for any missing sales. Profits increase dramatically by the reduction of beer carelessly poured down the drain and managers increased control over formerly common incidents of cash skimming, employee consumption and unauthorized giveaways.

Flowmeter system prices are listed below. The 4-line system can handle up to 4 flowmeters and the 16-line system can handle up to 16 flowmeters. Draft dispensing configurations with more than 16 beer lines can have multiple 16-line systems networked together.

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