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KEGTRON PRO - Draft Beer Metering System
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KEGTRON PRO - Draft Beer Metering SystemEvery Ounce Counts

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Very accurate flowmeters monitor exactly how much beer has flowed from the draft faucets and how much beer is left in your kegs. Kegtron Pro's real-time beer tracking technology is similar to the water meter on your home that records the exact amount of water that comes out of the water faucets.

Dispensing information is continually being sent to the cloud using your operation’s existing WiFi network. From a phone, tablet or computer, managers can access keg activity and generate draft usage reports. Sign into your online Kegtron account to access reports showing exactly how much beer has been dispensed. To hold bartenders accountable for selling every ounce of beer they pour, managers simply compare the amount of beer poured to amount rung into the POS system.

Extremely precise beer metering is designed to be used by bar managers that want to hold bartenders accountable for selling all the beer they pour. This technology is much more accurate than beer monitoring systems that screw onto the tap handles. Simple beer monitoring systems (like BruVue and I-Tap) try to determine the amount of beer poured by the time the beer faucets are opened but they do not have internal turbines, like Kegtron, that track precisely how many beer ounces have been dispensed.

Kegtron Pro comes in dual & quad keg monitoring units. Beer lines attach easily to the Kegtron units, close to the keg and can be mounted to the wall of your walk-in cooler, direct-draw box or kegerator. Multiple Kegtron units daisy-chain together using low-voltage wire connected to an AC wall adapter and plugged into a 110v outlet either inside or outside of the cooler.

Kegtron Pro works with any kind of beverage you serve on tap: beer, hard cider, wine and pre-mixed cocktails. non-alcoholic drinks like craft soda, kombucha and cold-draft coffee.

If you are not 100% sure whether to invest in this beer monitoring system, consider purchasing Kegtron Pro for just 2 beer lines and test it out with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


  • Smart phone? Big tablet? Desktop computer? Kegtron is ready
  • Lose your phone? The data won' be lost. All of your critical keg data is stored safely on the Kegtron server
  • Your online Kegtron account is accessible from any web browser


  • Site summary and keg-specific dashboard
  • Configurable low and empty detection with email alerts
  • Automatic keg change detection
  • Automatic line cleaning detection
  • Date tapped and date cleaned tracking
  • Keg level alerts and after-hours serving alerts via email or text
  • Ambient cooler temperature and humidity measurement
  • Detailed serving tracking for every pour
  • Configurable event history and graphing
  • Usage report generation and .CSV spreadsheet export


  • Inventory - Know exactly how much beer you have on-hand at any time, no more guesswork
  • Planning - Know when you need to re-order with vendors or change kegs before busy events
  • Loss Prevention - Do your keg stats match your register sales? Know how much beer has been poured so you can verify all draft sales have been rung up properly
  • Easy to Install - You can do yourself so it is not necessary to hire a pro installer for hardware. Online access to reports and stats from any location
  • Easy to Use – Online access with all the key stats available at a glance. No training needed
  • Affordable - Much less expensive than other flowmeter beer systems.
  • Not Just for Beer - Works with cider, wine, carbonated water, kombucha, pre-mixed batch cocktails, craft soda, cold brew coffee and more!
  • Also Perfect for Multiple Bar Locations - Multiple site/venue locations all viewed from a common dashboard
  • 4 Installation Videos