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Keg Scale
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Keg ScaleWeigh In On The Beer Facts

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Tired of the old "shake and guess" method of trying to determine how much beer is in a keg? The Keg Scale eliminates the guesswork.

When draft beer is accurately inventoried, management can determine the exact amount used every day. Bartenders can be held accountable for selling every drop of draft beer they pour. This durable scale, originally designed to weigh packages, is perfect for weighing kegs. Managers get the 'beer facts' they need to control bartenders from giving away unauthorized free beers, skimming cash, carelessly pouring beer down the drain, drinking on the job and "forgetting" to ring in draft sales.

Some of the keg-friendly benefits include:

* Rugged construction with overload & shock protection and a capacity of weights up to 400 pounds, yet it is only 10 pounds and extremely portable.

* You don't have to lift kegs since the scales platform is only 1.5 inches off the ground. Just slide the keg onto the platform so it is centered in the middle of the scale. It's that easy!

* With a 12" x 15" platform, the Keg Scale can be used inside a tight walk-in cooler or even behind the bar when weighing kegs stored in smaller keg refrigerators.

* Use this platform scale to weigh food boxes coming in from distributors and pans of prepped foods stored in your coolers.

* The LCD display runs on 4 AAA batteries.

* Super-fast weighing results within seconds.

SPECIAL BONUS: For only $20, you can add our Excel-based Keg Scale Software that will help you quickly crunch your draft beer inventory figures. The software will calculate draft usage costs, potential draft sales, cash register shortages and your operation's draft beer cost percentage.

If you already own a Keg Scale and just need the software, click the drop-down box next to the order button below and choose "Bar Scale Software Only." When checking out, choose the "Free – Software Products Only” for your shipping option and we will email the software to you within 24 hours (M-F) for only $25.00 and you will not be charged a shipping fee.

For a limited time, order the Keg Scale Software and you will not only receive Draft Inventory Software but we will also include an Excel-based Bottled Beer Inventory Software at no charge!

Enter coupon code KEGSCALE during the checkout process and get

*Free UPS ground shipping offer is valid only for the Keg Scale to any of the 48 Contiguous United States.

Why should I weigh my beer kegs?

Weighing beer kegs allows managers to accurately track draft beer usage. When compared to draft beer sales from your cash register or POS system, managers can easily determine the amount of beer poured that wasn't sold.

How easy is it to use the beer keg scale?

Just turn it on, slide the keg onto the platform and record the total weight that is displayed on the LCD screen. Make sure the scale is sitting on a flat level floor to get an accurate reading.

How do I know how much beer is in the keg after weighing?

To find the fluid ounces of a tapped keg, the manager will take the full weight of the keg and subtract the tare weight (empty keg weight.) We even supply you various keg tare weights at no charge!

Why is the draft beer inventory software necessary?

After each inventory, management enters the net keg weight (full keg weight less the keg's tare weight) into the software. Then they enter draft beer sales from the cash register or POS system. The software will calculate any "missing" draft beer sales. (The retail value of draft beer poured less draft beer sold.) Use the Pounds to Ounces Calculator at the bottom of the Inventory Worksheet to convert the scale readings from pounds into ounces, which is then entered into the Inventory Worksheet.

Is it alright to keep the scale in the refrigerator under the keg to continuously monitor the keg's volume?

If you choose to perform inventories inside of your walk in cooler the manufacturer recommends that you leave the Keg Scale inside of the cooler all of the time. Taking the Keg Scale from the cold climate of the walk in cooler to a warmer climate can cause condensation to form inside of the display case which could ultimately damage the unit. Imagine wearing glasses and you go from the cold into the heat...what happens? Your glasses fog up. The same happens taking the Keg Scale from the cold walk in into a warm stock room. Inventories can be performed monthly, weekly, daily or at the end of a bartender's shift to spot check their sales accuracy.

Can I use the keg scale for other purposes?

Absolutely! The keg scale is great for weighing anything you want to monitor in the kitchen or bar, as long as it is less than 400 pounds. Many kitchen managers and chef's use the keg scale to weigh purchases being received from vendors to make sure they are getting exactly what they paid for on the invoice. Steaks, chicken, fish, pans of food and other items can be weighed and inventoried to help control costs. You can even weigh your staff if they are having a contest to see how much weight they can lose.

Sample Keg Scale Worksheet

Sample Keg Scale Calculations