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Perfect Pour Deluxe
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Perfect Pour DeluxeGet a Little Richer When You Pour by the Pitcher

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Perfect Pour Deluxe will save your establishment money by reducing the amount of foamy beer being poured down the drain. This cool invention solves the problem that is created when draft beer hits the bottom of the glass or pitcher and causes excessive foaming.

Here is how it works: The Perfect Pour Deluxe nozzle moves the dispense point closer to the bottom of the container, decreasing agitation of the beer and any unnecessary foaming. The Perfect Pour Deluxe should pay for itself in less than 8 pitchers of beer by reducing the need for bartenders to pour foamy draft beer down the drain. It's really a no-brainer!

The Perfect Pour Deluxe is a 4 custom-designed, slightly curved nozzle that easily attaches to the end of a standard beer faucet or a 304 model beer faucet to help bartenders pour draft beer with less foam. The Perfect Pour Deluxe model is ideally suited for establishments that primarily serve draft beer into pitchers but it also works great for glasses and cups.
1. Insert the end of the Perfect Pour Deluxe that has the slit into the beer faucet with the slit facing outwards towards you.

2. Using a rubber mallet, tap the bottom of the Perfect Pour Deluxe until the slit is completely inside the bottom of the faucet and you can no longer see it. Make sure it is fit firmly into the faucet by gently pulling it in a downward motion.

1. Place the pitcher or glass over Perfect Pour Deluxe nozzle and as close to the bottom of the glass as possible. The edge of the nozzle should also be close to the side of the glass.

2. Open beer faucet and pour keeping the Perfect Pour Deluxe nozzle in the glass until the pour is complete.

3. With Perfect Pour Deluxe, you may be able to pour beer faster by increasing the applied gas pressure to the keg. Before doing this, check with your beer distributor to make sure you have the proper blend of gas to prevent over-carbonation of the beer.