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Clear Beer Faucet Extender for Standard Faucets
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Clear Beer Faucet Extender for Standard FaucetsREDUCING FOAM INCREASES YOUR PROFITS

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Beer faucet extenders eliminate the creation of unwanted foam in a beer by minimizing flow turbulence with a bottom-of-the-container fill method. The beer head formed is always a consistent 1/2 to 1 inch thick.

How it works: The beer faucet extender slips into the end of your existing beer faucet. It moves the dispense point closer to the bottom of the glass, decreasing the agitation of the beer during the pour to eliminate excessive foaming.

This faucet extender is available in two lengths ... a 3" extender for $10.99 and a 5-1/2" extender for $13.99. The shorter extender is often used when glasses, mugs, or cups are the more popular beer containers. The longer extender is ideal for establishments that serve more pitchers or growlers.

Beer Faucet Extenders easily attaches to the end of a standard beer faucet faucet to help bartenders pour draft beer with less foam. Be aware that these Beer Faucet extenders will not fit into the MicroMatic 304, Perlick 500-series, 600-series, or Stout beer faucets.

This ingenious device should pay for itself in less than 12 glasses of beer by reducing the creation of foamy beer that inevitably gets poured down the drain. The Beer Faucet Extender is so effective it has been implemented in major restaurant chains and was promoted on Spike TV's Bar Rescue program.

IMPORTANT TIP BEFORE ORDERING THE LONGER BEER FAUCET EXTENDER: Add 5-1/2" to the bottom of the beer faucet using a pencil or straw and see if there is enough room above the drip tray to insert your glasses and pitchers before pouring. It typically requires 5 inches of space to easily move your glasses and pitchers in and out from under the beer faucet. If there is not enough space with the 5-1/2" extender, you will need to order the shorter 3" extender.

Quantity discounts are available for minimum purchases of 6 and 12 extenders. Note that the Bottom-Pour will not prevent foaming created by beer dispensing system problems like warm beer temperature or incorrect gas pressure.


1. Hold the Beer Faucet Extender with the slot on top facing out towards you below the beer faucet.

2. Insert the fitting end into the beer faucet and gently tap with a rubber mallet (if available) until the rubber rings are completely hidden by the spigot of the beer faucet.


1. Place the glass under the Beer Faucet Extender. The extender should be as close as possible to the bottom of the glass, pitcher, or growler. The edge of the extender should also be close to the side of the glass.

2. Open the beer faucet handle and pour beer keeping the Beer Faucet Extender in the glass until the pour is complete.

3. With the Beer Faucet Extender, you may be able to pour beer faster by increasing the applied gas pressure to the keg. Before doing this, check with your beer distributor to make sure you have the proper blend of gas to prevent over-carbonation of the beer.