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Cleaning & Pressure Release Tools

Used with Bottle Pouring Liquor Dispensing Systems
The Pourer Washer is used to clean the internal parts of any major liquor dispensing system pourers. This will help prevent clogging and keep shot portions accurate.

This rubber fixture attaches easily to any sink faucet and is used for flushing control system pourers to thoroughly clean the internal springs and valves. After removing a control spout from an empty liquor bottle, clean the spout under warm water before placing it into a new liquor or liqueur bottle.
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This tool is used when inserting a liquor control system pour spout into a full bottle. This specially designed magnet opens the valve inside the spout to allow any air pressure built up to escape so the control spouts do not leak. Simply hold the large gray end of the tool and press down on the spout when inserting the pourer into the neck of the bottle. It's that easy!
This tool is also used to clean the springs and valves on the inside of the control spouts. When the spout is off the bottle, insert it into the base of the tool and hold the top gray opening under a sink faucet. Run hot water through the pourer for about 10 seconds and then remove the pourer from the tool. Shake the water from the spout, dry with a towel and reapply to a new bottle using the tool as described above.
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Pressure Release Tool helps to prevent leakage by alleviating pressure build-up when inserting a liquor system control spout into a full liquor bottle.
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