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Black Standard Flow Free-Pourer with Screen
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Black Standard Flow Free-Pourer with Screen  - image 2

Black Standard Flow Free-Pourer with Screen

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Inexpensive plastic pourer has a built-in sanitary screen to prevent fruit flies and other contaminants from getting into your bottles.

This one-piece spout will pour until the liquor or wine bottle is turned upright. Dispenses 1 ounce in the time it takes the bartender to count "one-one-thousand-one, one-one-thousand-two."

Necessary for outdoor bars or indoor bars where flying insects are finding their way into the liquor bottles.

The plastic cork fits most standard bottle necks on liter and 750 ml. bottles. Available in black & red colors and sold by the dozen.
Bartenders need to be trained to pour different liquor shot sizes accurately to maintain the best drink quality at the proper cost. The Pour Man's Helper is a fun, easy and effective training method. If you want your bartenders to pour like professionals, you are going to LOVE the Pour Man's Helper!
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This is an amazing fruit fly killer, designed for bars & restaurants. Once removed from its specially fabricated foil package and exposed to air, the BarPro strip starts to release its patented fruit fly killing ingredient. The odorless vapor is heavier than air and penetrates those hard to reach reproducing areas - killing insects immediately and preventing them from coming back for up to 4 months.
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