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Free-Pour Spouts

Free-Pour Spouts and Free-Flow Pourer Spouts with Screens

At Alcohol Controls, we carry the essentials that you need to run your establishment smoothly. Here you’ll find our diverse selection of free-pour spouts for every conceivable purpose. We carry free-pour spouts made of plastic and metal for both standard and wide bottle necks. Free-flow Pourers can be purchased with screens or caps to prevent insects from entering the liquor bottles. These pourers are a great investment to control the speed of the liquor pour and prevent spillage.

Free-Pour Spouts allow a bartender to pour liquor or wine until the bottle is turned upright.  No minimum order is required but you can take advantage of quantity discounts posted near the order button for each of our free-pour spouts. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our free-flow pouring spouts! If you are looking for portioning spouts that automatically stop pouring when a specific shot size is dispensed, Click Here.