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Liter Speed Gauge
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Liter Speed GaugeQuickly Inventory Your Straight-Sided Liter Liquor Bottles

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The Speed Inventory Gauge is the perfect tool to help managers quickly inventory straight-sided liter bottles. Simply hold the gauge up against the bottle and follow the liquor level across to the gauge to determine how many ounces are left in the bottle.

The plastic speed gauge will fit 90% of the straight-sided liter bottles that are typically used for a bar's 'Well' or 'Rail' liquors. Make your inventories more accurate without having to weigh the partial liter bottles.

Spot-checking inventory levels is an inexpensive way to identfy which bartenders are over-pouring shots, giving away free drinks and skimming cash.

If you like the concept of holding up a gauge to know how much liquor is left in the bottle but want gauges that fit all of your liter and 750ml liquor bottles, check out the complete Shot Glance Bar Inventory System.