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Bartenders need to be trained to pour different liquor shot sizes accurately to maintain the best drink quality at the proper cost. The Pour Man's Helper is a fun, easy and effective training method. If you want your bartenders to pour like professionals, you are going to LOVE the Pour Man's Helper!
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FlyWeb is one of the most effective flying insect control products available to both residential and commercial consumers. It's size and plug-in feature allows this device to be used in any indoor electric outlet. FlyWeb uses an insect attracting ultraviolet lamp to lure insects towards the replaceable adhesive trapping board. One FlyWeb will cover about 600 square feet.
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These portion spouts provide consistent pour sizes and reduce costs by curtailing over-pouring and spillage. This popular measured pourer is used by bars, distilleries, wineries and concession operations throughout the world.
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The world's most highly requested free-pour liquor spout. Fits standard bottle necks with 1" diameter. It's tapered shape helps streamline the flow of liquor coming out of the bottle, providing fast speeds but maximum control which helps bartenders avoid spilling & splashing. This high-flow chrome pourer will empty a liter bottle in 42 seconds. Bartenders can pour a consistent 1 ounce shot by counting "One One Thousand". The stainless steel construction prevents rust and pitting and provides a clean, quality look to bottles displayed behind the bar.
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Unbelievably easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets for inventorying liquor, wine, bottled beer, draft beer and miscellaneous items.

Managers simply enter inventory data to the nearest 10th of a bottle into the spreadsheets and the software automatically calculates inventory values, potential revenues, estimated losses and beverage cost percentages.
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Simply slide this beer faucet lock onto the existing beer spigot and with a few turns of the key, your draft beer is secure. Designed to prevent the faucet handle from being moved forward to dispense beer.
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Proof & Tralles hydrometer is designed to test the alcohol volume in distilled spirits. Scales read from 0% - 100% alcohol by volume and also from 0 - 200 proof. Alcohol volume is exactly half of the proof. For example, an 80 proof liquor is 40% alcohol by volume. If you are making moonshine, this is the "proofer" you need.
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Free-Pour Spout attached to a gold-colored metal mason jar lid that will screw onto the top of any standard mason jar. You can add a 'fliptop' to help keep out insects, dust & smoke. This 'Moonshine Spout' eliminates spillage & waste and makes it easy to pour your 'shine!
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