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Customized Posi-Pour Spouts
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Customized Posi-Pour SpoutsLiquor & Wine Portioning Spout

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These pour spouts help bartenders portion every shot to the amount management wants customers to receive, not the inflated size bartenders tend to pour to solicit bigger tips. Posi-Pours provide consistency to the taste of mixed drinks and drastically reduce liquor costs by curtailing overpouring and spillage.

We are the only website where you customize your own spouts based on portion size, spout color, cork size and whether or not you want fliptops to help prevent bugs and smoke from getting into the bottle.

Did you know that if your bartenders overpour just 1/4 ounce per drink (the thickness of the line on a shot-glass) they are wasting over 6 ounces per liter bottle? If you charge an average of $5 per ounce, then your bartender’s are throwing away over $30 per bottle! And you know what? Most bartenders overpour between 1/2 – 3/4 ounce per drink. That means you are losing potential profits of over $60 per bottle of liquor. Do the math. How many bottles of liquor do you empty every day? How many every week? How many every month? Multiply those numbers by $60 and you’ll get an idea of how much money you are losing without accurate portion control.

Posi-Pour spouts are also very popular with wineries, wine clubs and for bars, restaurants or special events that pour small tastings of wine. The 1 ounce size will dispense 25 portions from a 750 ml. wine bottle and 50 portions from a 1.5 liter bottle. The 1/2 ounce portion will dispense twice as many shots. If you're looking for a larger portion size to pour wine by the glass Click Here Distilleries and whiskey clubs typically use the 1/4 ounce Posi-Pour for liquor tastings.

We guarantee our prices are lower than any other decent quality portion spout you will find on the internet. Don't be fooled by very low-priced portion pourers, like Winco, that are cheap spouts made in China or Malaysia. They look similar but fall apart easily, pour inconsistent portion sizes and have corks that don't fit the bottles well. Posi-Pours are made in the USA and every purchase is backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you will get a full refund ... no questions asked.

Even though our web-special price is a great deal, make sure to take advantage of additional discounts for a variety of quantity purchases. If you were looking for free-pour spouts Click Here.

PORTION SIZE: Spouts are available in 11 different portion sizes, ranging from a 1/4 ounce portion to a 2 ounce portion.   Our most requested sizes dispense 1 ounce, 1-1/4 ounce or 1-1/2 ounce.  Click Here to see how to tell the different portion sizes apart.

HOT TIP:  If you want bartenders to pour a 1 ounce shot, buy the 1/2 ounce Posi-Pours. The liquor bottle can be tilted twice to attain the correct portion. Customers get a great perceived value since they receive 2 shots which gives them the impression of a stronger drink. Bartenders can tilt the bottle one time to get a half shot that may be required in drinks with multiple liquors.   Other Examples:  5/8 ounce x 2 pours = 1-1/4 ounces   &   3/4 ounce x 2 pours = 1-1/2 ounces

SPOUT COLORS: We ship spouts with CLEAR tops the same day and price them 50¢ less than the colored spouts. Colored spouts may take an additional 2 - 3 days to ship. Colors besides our most popular clear top spout are Red, Smoke, Green, Neon Blue, Neon Red or Neon Green. (Mouse over colors to see sample spouts.)

Helpful Suggestion: Assign a different color spout to each of the different liquor prices. For example, put the clear top on $4 liquors, the smoke top on $5 liquors, the red top on $6 liquors, etc. Bartenders will know what price to ring into the register by which spout color is on the bottle.

Check Out Our New CHROME Measured Spouts: If you want a portion spout that looks like a free-pour spout Click Here.

FLIPTOPS: For an additional 50¢ you can add fliptops to Posi-Pour spouts.
Fliptops help keep insects, smoke, dust and debris out of the liquor bottles.

* If you already have Posi-Pours and just need to buy the Fliptop Click Here

CORK SIZE: In addition to the spouts with clear plastic "corks" that fit into regular sized neck bottles, we carry special MEDIUM CORKS (Red Color) and LARGE CORKS (Amber Color) that fit wider neck bottles for only $1 more per spout.   Spouts with standard clear corks can be ordered with or without a black collar.   Spouts with medium red or large amber corks are only available without collars to insure a proper fit. Not sure which cork sizes will fit your liquor bottles? Order our "Cork Size Sample Pack' that includes 4 free-pour spouts to test each cork size in your different liquor bottles. Click here.

STANDARD (Clear Cork): Fits most 750ml and liter bottles with a standard neck size. This cork size is used in bottles with necks close to .9" (22mm) in diameter. If you’re looking for a portion spout for standard wine bottles choose this cork size. The standard cork size will be too small for the 1/2 gallon or 1.75 liter bottles.

MEDIUM (Red Cork): The middle cork size is used in bottles with necks close to 1" (25mm) in diameter. This cork will fit about 70% of the 1/2 gallon and 1.75 liter bottles. The medium cork size also fits into 750ml or liter bottles that have wider necks like Patron, Sauza, Don Julio, Hornitos, The new 3 Olives Bottle, Absolut, Belvedere, Smirinoff, Sterling, Dewars, J&B, Johnnie Walker, Glenfiddich, Old Bushmills, Gentleman Jack, Pyrat rum & X-Rated.

LARGE (Amber Cork): The widest diameter cork used in bottles with necks close to 1.1" (29mm) in diameter. This cork size will fit about 30% of the 1/2 gallon and 1.75 liter bottles. The large cork size is also used for liter bottles with wide necks like he old-style 1800 tequila (not the new screw top bottle that requires a standard clear cork), Cabo Wabo tequila & Rebecca Creek whiskey.

* There is no cork that fits the 1.75 liter bottle of Patron tequila due to it's enormous bottle neck size. We recommend switching to the 750ml Patron bottle and purchasing spouts with medium (red color) corks.

Click on this link to download a PDF version of the Posi-Pour Instructions.
Introducing the world’s only chrome portioning spout. Have that cool free-pour spout look but your bartenders will actually be dispensing perfectly poured shots into every drink. Precision Pour spouts makes sure every shot is portioned to the amount management wants customers to receive, not the inflated size bartenders tend to pour to solicit bigger tips.
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Not sure which portion size you need or which color spout to buy? Try our 6 piece sample pack that includes 6 different portion sizes and colors.
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Not sure which cork size you need to buy? Try our 4 piece Free-Pour sample pack that includes 1 of each of our available cork sizes.
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If you already have Posi-Pours Portion Spouts or Hard Plastic Free-Pour Spouts and are having issues with pesky fruit flies, smoke, dust or debris getting into your expensive liquor bottles, than adding a fliptop will solve your problem. NOTE: These are loose fliptops without the pour spout.
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Reusable hard plastic Posi-Pour covers that reduce clogging, keep out smoke, dust and insects. Cover-Alls can also be used by bartenders as a 1 ounce shot glass for mixing drinks. These shot cups are also great for serving shooters and liquor shots!
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This soft polyurethane pour spout cap prevents insects, dust and smoke from entering your bottles which can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Simply press down on the Pour Spout Cover to create an airtight seal over the measured spout.
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