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7-Price Tier Liquor System Pourers
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7-Price Tier Liquor System PourersPortion Control Pourers

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Special pour spouts used with 7-Price Tier Liquor Control Systems. Metal band configuration determines pourer number. This spout will not dispense liquor until the bartender inserts it into the liquor system's activator ring. Each shot is portioned accurately and recorded so bartenders can be held accountable for selling all the liquor they pour.

Available in Standard-Flow (black tips) and High-Flow (gray tips). High-Flows pour 30% faster than standard pourers and are recommended for pouring thicker cordials & liqueurs. They can also be used on all types of liquor in bars that want to speed up drink service.

Brand new Standard pourers are currently on sale for $12.95 each and High Flow pourers are $14.95 each.

Please specify Pourer Number and Spout Type when placing order.

Check out our new Fruit Fly Filter for the control pourers that will keep those pesky insects out of your expensive alcohol.
The poly corks prevent bottle's from leaking by insuring pourers have an insert that securely fits the bottle neck providing an airtight seal.READ MORE
Now available in 6 different sizes: "Undersized" for skinny-neck bottles, "Standard Size" to fit most bottles, "Oversized" to fit wider-neck bottles and "Extra Large" to fit 1800 & Cabo Wabo bottles. Alcohol Controls is the only liquor system supply company offering the "Custom Patron Plastic Cork" that fit Patron, Belvedere, Sauza and X-Rated bottles.
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Breather tubes direct air into the liquor bottle from a vent in special control system pourers. Air induction propels the liquor dispensed into each shot. Available in two options: Standard-flow breather tubes and High-flow breather tubes.
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The Solution to a sticky problem. This soft polyurethane cap prevents the clogging of pour spouts on syrupy cordials and cream-based liqueurs. Without Pour Spout Covers, the flow from cordial bottles are often encumbered by sugars crystallizing quickly on the inside or top of liquor pour spouts.
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For just a few dollars you can have piece of mind knowing those pesky fruit flies won't get into your expensive alcohol.
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