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Pourer Inserts
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Pourer InsertsControl System Pour Spout Corks

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These plastic inserts prevent leaking by insuring special liquor control pour spouts and certain inverted-bottle dispensers fit securely in a liquor bottle neck, providing an airtight seal.

Now available in 5 different sizes: "Standard Size" to fit most liter and 750 ml. bottles, "Oversized" to fit slightly wider-neck bottles and "Extra Large" to fit very wide neck bottles like Cabo Wabo and also 1.75 liter bottles. Alcohol Controls is the only liquor system supply company offering the "Custom Patron Plastic Cork" that fit Patron, Belvedere, Sauza and X-Rated bottles.

Outside diameter (inches and millimeters):
Standard Clear .84 21.20 mm
Oversized Clear .94 24.00 mm
Standard Black .96 24.30 mm
Patron Black 1.08 27.50 mm
Extra Large Black 1.19 30.27 mm

The inside hole (of all 5 insert sizes) is 1/2" diameter. The inside hole fits onto the base of a liquor system control pourer.

PRICES: Standard Black and Standard Clear inserts are priced at 75 each; Oversized Clear, Extra Large Black and the Custom Patron Plastic inserts are $2.25 each.

IMPORTANT: The inserts on this page are intended to be used with the Berg, Eclipse, Spirit and Azbar liquor control system pour spouts. They can also be used on inverted bottle dispensers. These inserts will NOT fit onto free-pour or ball-bearing style portion spouts. Click the following links for pour spouts that fit wider neck bottles: Free-Pour Spouts or Posi-Pour Portion Spouts.